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Types of Shipping


Ovobank uses special boxes to transport cells for their shipments, providing the Dry Shippers containers, in which the eggs are stored, with an added protection, homologated for this purpose. We perform different types of shipping, always adapted to the requirements of the collaborating centers:

Courier service / Air-terrestrial

shipping 1

A specialized courier company will be responsible of delivering the batches to the collaborating center within a maximum of 24 or 48 hours.

Air Lab2Lab

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The batches are transported personally in the airplane cabin, avoiding having to put them through X-rays, from the laboratory to the Ovobank collaborating center, with hand delivery by qualified Ovobank personnel.

Terrestrial Lab2Lab

shipping 3

In this shipping modality, batch delivery is also by hand with qualified Ovobank personnel, but in this case over land.

During the journey you can check and download all the shipping conditions (traceability, internal and external temperature, pressure and humidity) through the Ovotracker software.

After the studies developed by our R & D department, Ovobank recommends the Lab2Lab shipments, since it increases the survival percentage of the eggs by 10% to 15%.

* Data of investigation developed in our collaborating centers until December, 2016.


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