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Ovobank and Ovoclinic achieve another year of Quality Management System certification

Quality Certificates

Ovobank, as an international egg bank, and its supporting fertility centre, Ovoclinic, have once again been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 179007:2013 Certification by the prestigious Bureau Veritas.

For yet another year, our dedication to quality standards has enabled us to build trust and further our success at an international level. These certifications demonstrate our efficacy in setting up, reinforcing and refining a management system that enables us to accomplish our present and future goals and objectives. Furthermore, over the last decade, the Ovobank and Ovoclinic group has been acknowledged with several awards for business quality, innovation and medical excellence, thanks to its high success rates and the implementation of improvements in its laboratories.

As the first cryopreserved egg bank in Europe, Ovobank was created in 2012 to provide solutions to assisted reproduction centres in the selection process of a suitable donor for their patients.

It has the most advanced facilities and state-of-the-art equipment to be able to provide a maximum quality service. Furthermore, Ovobank has strategic points of donor recruitment located around the world. Having built up an impeccable reputation over the years, nowadays we already collaborate with over 480 hospitals and clinics all over the world who have put their trust in our quality standards and results for the following reasons:

  • Our team’s technical expertise and experience in assisted reproduction
  • On-going training and support of our professionals
  • Our technological innovations (Ovotracker, Ovolabel and Ovoscan)
  • Exhaustive donor screening protocols
  • A large donor pool of diverse nationalities and phenotypes
  • No waiting lists, due to our large donor pool and the use of vitrified eggs.
  • Easy egg order trackingthrough the application
  • We ensure the highest quality of vitrified eggs

Ovoclinic, the assisted reproduction group with clinics located in Marbella, Madrid, Seville and Ceuta, is already a benchmark company in reproductive medicine in many European countries. Ovobank and Ovoclinic works together in the same way: helping women and couples to fulfil their dream of starting a family.

Our team is constantly evolving, formulating new protocols, researching and attending the world’s most important congresses to learn and contribute their knowledge to the scientific community. Only in this way is it possible to offer our collaborating centres and patients a service of the highest quality, striving every day to improve survival, pregnancy and blastulation rates.

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    Ovobank is recognized by the EU and by the Spanish health authorities as an authorized bank for the cession of gametes and embryos to Spanish public hospitals and private clinics, and other EU countries. We collaborate with clinics and assisted reproduction specialists in several countries of the European Union, allowing thousands of couples carry out their dream of achieving parenthood.