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The donors at Ovobank are women between 18 and 33 years old, who are in good health both physically and psychologically and they undergo exhaustive gynecological, serologic and genetic exams. Only 34% of the donor candidates end up being declared eligible after these tests. 73% of the candidates are discarded for medical reasons (such as family history of diseases such as epilepsy or thalassemia, etc.).


Genetic Matching

Genetic Test Compatibility or Genetic Matching compares the genetic information of the donor and the partner of the recipient woman in order to reduce the transmission of autosomal recessive genetic diseases. This information will be compared when selecting the suitable donor, in such a way that patient and donor do not share mutations in the same gene.

The Law 14/2006, of 26 May, on human assisted reproduction techniques establishes that the donation must be anonymous, voluntary, informed and unpaid.

La ley
The Law


Evaluación inicial
Initial evaluation

Estudio psicológico
Psychological assessment

Revisión médica
Medical revision

Blood tests

Estudio genético
Genetic testing



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