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About us

Ovobank, Created to give solutions to assisted reproduction centers in the search and selection of a suitable donor for their patients.

Ovobank aims to satisfy the increasing demand for eggs, helping to optimize fertility treatments and easing the way for future parents.

Ovobank has the latest generation equipment to provide a high quality service within the Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Ovoclinic.

The oocyte vitrification process at Ovobank is performed by qualified staff who have been trained in the field of cryobiology using techniques and products fulfilling European regulations. As a result, eggs are processed under the best conditions to preserve all their potential, in order to offer a guaranteed service in both quality and success. 

Why choose Ovobank?

1. Because ovobank ensures the highest quality of vitrified eggs.
2. For our meticulous donor selection process.
3. For our advanced and rigorous system of transportation, storage and traceability of the samples.
4. For our team, specializing in personalized care to the collaborating center.
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    Specialists in Assisted Reproduction

    Call us: (+34) 951 087 975 We're here to help you.
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