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Collaborating center

Standard Courier service Air-terrestrial

Standard Courier service Air-terrestrial

specialized courier company will be responsible of delivering the batches to the collaborating center within a maximum of 24 or 48 hours.

Transportation is carried out in a special dry shipper container that is secured, so you have the guarantee that the oocytes will arrive in perfect condition. In addition, during the journey you can check and download all the shipping conditions (traceability, internal and external temperature, pressure and humidity) through the Ovotracker software.

After the studies developed by our R & D department, Ovobank recommends the Lab2Lab shipments, since it increases the survival percentage of the eggs by 10% to 15%.

* Data of investigation developed in our collaborating centers until December, 2016.

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    Ovobank is recognized by the EU and by the Spanish health authorities as an authorized bank for the cession of gametes and embryos to Spanish public hospitals and private clinics, and other EU countries. We collaborate with clinics and assisted reproduction specialists in several countries of the European Union, allowing thousands of couples carry out their dream of achieving parenthood.