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Ovobank offers collaborating centers different egg batch types responding effectively to their needs, because in 24/48 hours they can count on them. We only ship vitrified oocytes in Metaphase II, after a very thorough quality screening to ensure optimal morphological quality.


*We adapt to the needs of each collaborating center for the obtainment of the batches.

Embryos shipment 

It is a service that we offer to the collaborating centers and patients who wish to leave to Ovobank the attainment of their embryos, guaranteeing at least one in the blastocyst stage.

Protocol of action

The same data is requested as with oocyte requests. The semen from the partner or donor will be selected and thawed and the Ovobank oocytes will be fertilized and cultured until blastocyst stage and the resulting blastocysts will be vitrified for later shipment.

During the journey you can check and download all the shipping conditions (traceability, internal and external temperature, pressure and humidity) through the Ovotracker software.


What does egg vitrification consist in?

Vitrification is the most efficient method of cryopreservation and has shown the highest rates in oocytes survival up to date (up to 92%*). It is so safe and simple that it can be performed in any Assisted Reproduction clinic.

Vitrification has revolutionized the world of Cryobiology, allowing great success in cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos.

Thawing is simple and quick and you only need the thawing kit and to strictly follow the protocol. If needed, some of our specialized biologists can travel to the Collaborating Center to perform the thawing of oocytes.

* Rates obtained in the best Italian collaborating centers in 2016 following our thawing protocols.


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    Ovobank is recognized by the EU and by the Spanish health authorities as an authorized bank for the cession of gametes and embryos to Spanish public hospitals and private clinics, and other EU countries. We collaborate with clinics and assisted reproduction specialists in several countries of the European Union, allowing thousands of couples carry out their dream of achieving parenthood.