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Ovobank presents its latest technological innovations at the 39th Annual Meeting of ESHRE

Grupo ESHRE 2023

Ovobank, our team specialised in egg bank management and cryopreservation is present for another year at the most important annual industry’s event: 39th Annual Meeting of ESHRE (Copenhagen). This year, Ovobank has a huge space where we will exhibit our technological innovations (Ovotracker, Ovolabel and Ovoscan) and we will be offering practical sessions on egg thawing. A great opportunity to acquire knowledge that will allow you to improve your results in the laboratory.

You will be able to visit us at stand C3-125 where you can have business meetings with members of our team who will also be demonstrating the egg thawing technique and simulating the shipment of a batch of eggs to see all the tracking in real time via the Ovotracker platform. If you would like to attend some of the practical sessions, please complete the following form.

ESHREOvobank is today one of the most competitive international egg banks. We collaborate with more than 480 fertility centres around the world, helping to optimise egg donation treatments with no waiting lists. Ovobank is led by Enrique Criado (embryologist and CEO) and his team of specialists with more than 20 years’ experience in assisted human reproduction techniques, genetics and gamete cryopreservation.

We have several strategic recruitment sites worldwide, covering more than 150 different nationalities, so we have donors of all races, nationalities, blood groups and phenotypes. One of the unique aspects of our egg bank is the selection of donors, where we follow rigorous testing and screening protocols. Candidates who wish to donate their eggs with Ovobank must be between 18 and 33 of age, and pass all necessary tests to assess their physical, psychological and gynecological health. We also carry out genetic screening and genetic compatibility tests to guarantee the future health of babies born, thanks to our donor eggs.


This year we are delighted to announce our specialized courses to fellow embryologists in order to obtain the best possible results by using our frozen eggs.

Through the training platform Ovolearning, is our training platform where we offer courses and workshops to our collaborating clinics on relevant topics such as: quality, ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Microinjection, Embryo Biopsy for PGD in which the latest techniques and laboratory protocols are studied in depth. All courses are divided into two parts, one theoretical and the other, practical, which corresponds to 80% of the training, where participants will have the opportunity to perform the technique together with the assisted reproduction protocols within the laboratory, in order to achieve higher implantation rates and, consequently, optimising pregnancies.

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We look forward to seeing you at #ESHRE2023!

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    Ovobank is recognized by the EU and by the Spanish health authorities as an authorized bank for the cession of gametes and embryos to Spanish public hospitals and private clinics, and other EU countries. We collaborate with clinics and assisted reproduction specialists in several countries of the European Union, allowing thousands of couples carry out their dream of achieving parenthood.