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Genetic studies


In our constant search for the improvement of the safety level of donated oocytes, Ovobank has been carrying out the recessive mutation test (Genetic Matching Test) since 1 December 2016 to the new donors. It is an innovative technique that allows us to minimize the transmission of genetic diseases to children born from eggs from our donors.

This is achieved thanks to these tests:

  • Allowing us to exclude candidates with autosomal recessive mutations, including cystic fibrosis, hemoglobinopathy, spinal muscular atrophy, alpha and beta thalassemia, as well as more than 30 X-linked diseases, such as Haemophilia, X-fragile, Alport syndrome, some dystrophies, etc. This means that the candidates carrying mutations related to any of these diseases will not be part of our oocyte donation program.
  • In addition, if patients wish, we can perform a genetic compatibility study between the donor and the recipient’s husband, which consists of analysing the genetic information of more than 300 diseases to ensure that the donor and the patient do not share any of the recessive mutations studied thus minimizing the risk of transmission of a genetic disease to their offspring.

Although most of our donors have already been studied with the “Recombine” test, we can add any diagnostic study at the request of our Collaborating Centres.

The number of mutations and diseases studied will depend on the genetic compatibility test performed:


To support the strong commitment of ensuring the quality of our services, Ovobank reject more than 67% of the candidates for egg donation in our centre we share the same goal, a healthy child at home.

Dr. Enrique Criado Scholz
Director General


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