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Vitrified oocytes and PGS, our experience…

Gametes and pre-embryos cryopreservation have significantly progressed in the last decade. The possibility of cryopreserving oocytes with optimal results in survival, fertilization and subsequent embryonic development, has opened the doors to donor oocytes banks so that these extremely important cells are available to all patients who need them, without reducing the chances of success offered … Continue reading

2 April, 2020 embriología

A selfie and an app in order to find the donor who resembles the most you

Facial recognition technology, at the service of assisted reproduction techniques with Ovobank’s oocytes Ovobank, the first egg bank in Europe, launches Ovomatch®, an innovative facial recognition system based on a mathematical algorithm and connected to its extensive database which searches among donors for the one that most resembles the recipient patient, at the same time … Continue reading

16 July, 2018 Uncategorized

Ovobank, participated with two talks at the Conference on Reproduction Medicine in Portugal

Ovobank was invited by the Portuguese Fertility Society to the XXVI International Conference on Reproduction Medicine in Portugal, held in Figueira da Foz. There, Ovobank had the opportunity to present two papers, by the hand of our embryologist Borja Renilla. The first one, with the title “Optimization of results working with an egg bank”, was … Continue reading

22 May, 2018 Uncategorized

2018 SEF Congress: FIV Marbella and Ovobank, innovation and research

Ovobank and FIV Marbella are present with six communications, four oral presentations and two posters, in the 32nd National Congress of the Spanish Fertility Society, the most important event of assisted reproduction at the national level, which today begins in Madrid. It is a pride to have this outstanding presence in this event, where the following … Continue reading

17 May, 2018 Uncategorized

Oocyte bank logistics

Introduction For an egg bank, transport is one of the critical points when it comes to preserving the viability of these cells under optimal conditions. The container and type of transport must guarantee that the vitrified oocytes reach their destination at the optimum temperature to avoid reducing the viability of the cells. Analysing the results … Continue reading

23 January, 2018 Uncategorized

NOTICE: Information on the new operation after authorization by the Ministry of Health of the KITAZATO Media VT801 and VT802

According to a statement issued by the merchandising company in Spain, KITAZATO has obtained temporary authorization from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products (AEMPS), valid until November 12, for the import, merchandising and use of vitrification media (VT801) And (VT802). Even without CE marking, this authorization again allows the use of these medias … Continue reading

23 August, 2017 Uncategorized

Notice relating to the oocytes thawing procedure alternative to the Kitazato protocol

After the temporary withdrawal of the CE-marked media from the Kitazato devices, due to the manufacturer’s problems in the CE seal registration process, as communicated by the manufacturer himself by means of a letter sent to all its customers, Ovobank has began to use alternative protocols for thawing cycles performed in their laboratories to ensure … Continue reading

25 July, 2017 Uncategorized

More than 30 reasons for your tranquility

In our constant search for the improvement of the safety level of donated oocytes, Ovobank has been carrying out the recessive mutation test (Genetic Matching Test) since 1 December 2016 to the new donors. It is an innovative technique that allows us to minimize the transmission of genetic diseases to children born from eggs from our donors. This is achieved thanks … Continue reading

6 July, 2017 Uncategorized

Ovobank and the Single European Code (SEC)

Ovobank has adapted to the new European legislation “Single European Code (SEC) for Tissues and Cells.” Member States were required to transpose and incorporate the provisions of  Directive 2015/565 into their national legislation by no later than 29 October 2016, and apply the ESA requirements no later than April 29, 2017. All our cells comply with this legislation … Continue reading

15 June, 2017 Uncategorized
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